Honestly, YOU Did NOT Think That The West Indies Women Would Get A 1st Innings Lead v. Sri Lanka … Right?

womenmen2015dsfsf.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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I KNEW that this bunch of pussies, masquerading as the West Indies, would NOT get 200.

They are so pathetic it is hard to comprehend.

Marilyn Samuels is taking way too much ‘ganja’. He should be deported.

I gather Gary Sobers is in Colombo to see these girls try and play cricket. I feel bad for Gary. He was a man. And these these are a bunch of girls presents him with a problem. He can’t go into the dressing room and kick each of them on their bum. You can’t kick women.

I am so disgusted with this bunch. Yes, some of them batted like I used to — BUT that was why I NEVER played Test cricket. I am so disgusted. Don’t know why I watch.

When they bowled out Sri Lanka for 200 I was thinking that it was such a shame that it wasn’t 202 or even 201 BECAUSE I had visions that Sri Lanka might have still been able to get these (and I am trying very hard not to use a derogatory term to refer to the genitalia of this bunch) to FOLLOW ON!

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