Jim Cramer (Of CNBC) — Please Tell Me That Nobody, Nowhere No Longer Takes Any Notice Of His Stock Picks.

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by Anura Guruge


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A lead story on October 22, 2015 ‘martketwatch.com’. Click to access original.

I was surprised, if not outright shocked, to see this story in ‘MarketWatch‘.

No, no, I was not at surprised at ALL, at ALL, that Jim had got it wrong. Come on Jim has been a total joke for nearly a decade.

PLEASE tell me that you do not view him as anything more than an entertainer — a comedian at that. That has been his role at CNBC, ‘Mad Money‘ including, for close onto a decade. Nobody who is seriously into the market pays any blind bit of notice as to what Cramer says — other than maybe to do the exact OPPOSITE of what he recommends.

There was a time, over 10 years ago, when Cramer actually knew what he was talking about. He helped me make some money. I used to watch (or tape) ‘Mad Money’ every day and listen to him whenever I could. He got me into Caterpillar (CAT) c. 2003 and I then extrapolated that into Cummins. Yes, I made some decent money. Then I started to notice that Jim was getting things BADLY wrong with increasing regularity.

His advice, on air, not to buy MasterCard was the final straw for me. I haven’t listened to anything he has said since. And I am extremely THANKFUL. Jim could NOT beat a chimpanzee when it comes to picking stocks now. He has totally lost it. Read the article below.

And he rarely admits to getting it wrong.

So PLEASE treat Jim Cramer for what he is — a serious comedian.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link below to access original.

Here is the link to CBS News original.

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