My Red Poppy Pin Collection Ready For Poppy Day/Remembrance Day 2015.

2015redpoppybannerAnura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
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by Anura Guruge

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November 2014 — wearing a Canadian Red Poppy, in my ‘study’

I, per what was my custom when I lived in Britain, start wearing a Red Poppy, with pride, towards the end of October. So today I got out my box of Red Poppy Pins.

I lucked out last year. My Sri Lankan friend, living in Canada, Kenny, sent me 6 Canadian Red Poppies when I told him how upset I was that I had lost the prior two that had been sent to me from Canada. Thanks again Kenny.

I hadn’t bought any lapel pens on eBay this year! I haven’t looked much and what I saw didn’t appeal to me. Plus I did get the rather expensive — and very special — Paul Cummins’Tower of London” ceramic Red Poppy.

But I did buy 6 lady’s brooches, 5 of which are shown in the bottom image, from China via eBay. With shipping it came to $8.94. Less than $1.50 a brooch! How could I resist. No, they are not for me per se, though I put one in my box for posterity. I got three for Deanna and the girls. The other two, or even the one in the box, will be for local ladies who are willing to follow my lead in wearing a Red Poppy for Remembrance Day.

So, I am all set. I think I will start tomorrow with one of my favorites. The ‘Winston Churchill‘ pin (top right on top picture).

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