Australian “A Place To Call Home”, Now On Roku, Nearly As Good As “Downton Abbey”!

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by Anura Guruge

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Acorn TV (on Roku) listing.

We subscribe to “British TV on your Roku” Acorn TV. At $4/month it is a steal. A lot of good stuff in there, such as the new BBC comedy “The Detectorists“.

I saw “A Place to Call Home” in the Acorn catalog and thought that the kids — hooked on British period drama after “Downton Abbey” and “Mr. Selfridge” — might like it. I was right, as I tend to be when it comes to what the kids like to watch. They can’t wait till our ‘daily’ family TV ‘hour’ to watch this show. I am glad.

It is a good show. Well done. Compelling storyline — albeit with some adult themes. It is set in 1953 Australia and that was the year I was born. BUT, I remember that many of the customs and traditions portrayed are ones that we too had in Ceylon.

IF you can get it — watch it. Yes, of course, we are also watching “Indian Summers” & “Home Fires” on PBS. The kids like them both, the STEAMY scenes in the former (though NOT as graphic as in “A Place to Call Home”) having them intrigued, though I can tell that they prefer “Home Fires”! I don’t blame them. So do I. Something is not right with “Indian Summers”. It just does not engage with one as does the other shows. Home this helps.

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