Drinking 5 Cups Of Black Tea Is GOOD For YOU; Great News For Sri Lanka & Even For I.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Sri Lanka continues to be a major producer of black, Orange Pekoe, tea. So this is GOOD news for Sri Lanka.

Over the last 3 – 4 years I cut back on coffee and switched to tea — black, chai, mint, green … — since I do have to watch my blood pressure.

I do still drink 2 cups of strong coffee a day. I need coffee. The three things I know that I need to live are: sex, red wine & coffee, in that order.

I now drink 3 to 5 cups of tea a day. So this means that maybe I will live another year or so, given my constant health woes.


Click to access U.K. “Daily Mail” original.

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