“Hotel Transylvania 2” — Très Bien, What A Kid’s Cartoon Is Supposed To Be.

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by Anura Guruge

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Teischan (9) loved the first ‘Hotel Transylvania‘. She had been asking for a while whether we could go and see the second one. Yesterday I was able to fulfill her wish. We saw it at the ‘Regal Concord 10’ in Concord, N.H.

It was good. Very good — but I knew it would be. Uncomplicated, unadulterated entertainment — which is what these movies are supposed to be.

The quality and rendering, though very good, was not as good as Disney/Pixar (and as a Disney (and Pixar) shareholder I have to say that) and the dialogue lacked the inevitable Disney adult innuendo. But it was fast paced, amusing and cute. Kids loved it and to me that is all that matters.

It was not in 3D. We made the 4pm show, which is, in theory, a matinee. But it still cost, just for the 3 tickets, close to $32. That can get expensive.

But definitely all thumbs up. Go take the kids. They will love it.

Reminded me of “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

1 thought on ““Hotel Transylvania 2” — Très Bien, What A Kid’s Cartoon Is Supposed To Be.

  1. janelleyjames

    I did see the first hotel transylvania, Frozen, Boxtrolls & Grand Budapest Hotel. LOVED them. I will watch Hotel Trans 2 asap. Loved the first one so much. I watch them by myself you know. Hopefully someday with Ryder.


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