Refocus (At Home) Feature On Consumer Cameras Death Knell For The Lytro Illum?

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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In today’s ‘New Camera’ news. Click image to access the post.


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As I predicted just 5 days ago the new revolutionary REFOCUS (at home) on Panasonic cameras, GX8, G7 & FZ300, is NOT good news for Lytro.

Others, Sony, Canon etc. will try to offer the same REFOCUS capability — assuming that Lytro or Panasonic does not have an enforceable patent on it. It could be that the technology is so ‘obvious’ that it could not be patented.

The last $100 DEAL that was required to get the price down to $399 at Amazon appears to have EXPIRED already. Not sure whether that was a ‘scam’ of sorts. But even $499 isn’t bad. My feeling is that the price will CONTINUE to go down!

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