Sling TV Video Loading & Playback Errors — A Known Problem, NO SOLUTION!

slingerrorsAnura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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IF you are having PROBLEMS with Sling Television YOU are NOT alone.

They, i.e., Sling, is having a LOT of problems. They know about it — but they don’t know how to fix it.

First thing you should check. See IF Sling has ANY bandwidth.

Just because your device, e.g., Roku, has bandwidth does NOT mean that the Sling channel has bandwidth! I know. It is crazy.

In Sling hit the ‘*‘ button until you get a menu that has ‘TV …. SETTINGS‘.

Go to SETTINGS. Use the ‘About’ or ‘Connection’ tab to see how bandwidth Sling has. IF it says 0.00Mbps YOU are screwed. STOP at that point. Until that figures gets up to 1.7Mbps or more YOU are well and truly screwed.

Use the Roku Speedtest to check that you still have bandwidth to the Roku. Most cases the Roku will be fine.

Now it becomes a waiting game. Do not just sit on Sling. Get out go back … get out go back or just go and watch another channel for 30 minutes.

Yes, very frustrating. Call them up and complain. I do at least once a day!

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