Torsten Glaenzel An Exceptionally Brilliant Commercial Photographer.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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Click images to access his MAGICAL Website.

You really MUST see — to appreciate genuinely high quality photography.



Another wonderful person I met ONLINE thanks to this blog. This is one of the joys of blogging like I do. You meet some really cool people.

Yesterday, Torsten left a ‘Like‘ and this comment ‘That looks great‘ against my “6 images for the day — December 3, 2015” post! Since I don’t (for reasons I have never understood) get many comments on my posts — though I average 700 HITS A DAY — I clicked on his blog. I was BLOWN AWAY.

To have Torsten saying my photos “looks great” is BEYOND a compliment. I am honored and humbled. THANK YOU, Torsten. You keep up the good work. I will TRY and learn from you.

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