Alton, N.H. 2015 Christmas Light-Up Night.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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It, for a nice change, was ‘warm‘, maybe around 40°F. Wow. It was barmy. You didn’t need gloves and you didn’t have to stamp your feet. No snow. We have yet to have any snow this winter. I think that that is atypical. Deanna wanted to go on the (truck-pulled) hay ride. So we got there early, before 6pm. We were surprised. There was hardly anybody there. We thought that it was because it was a tad early. We were wrong.

Less than 100 people at the Christmas tree lighting at 6:30! Maybe around 60. That is crazy. We have seen more people when it was cold. I actually think that that was the reason. It wasn’t cold enough. Trust me. After 30 years in New Hampshire I know how they think. They are going to say that it wasn’t cold enough to feel like Christmas.

P1020962The caroling, as ever, was enthusiastic with well chosen pieces. I always enjoyed that.

The ‘Alton Historical Society‘, as is their wont, had an ‘open house’ at their ‘J. Jones & Son’ freight building behind the Town Hall. We checked that out. We always tour it if it is open. It is always rewarding. I will do a separate post on that. That was good. As was the huge cookies and very hot chocolate at the Town Hall. We went to Chinese afterwards.

Merry Christmas.  

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