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Aberdeen (Artio) Global High Income Fund, BJBHX — Bleeding To Death!

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by Anura Guruge

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BJBHX chart from MarketWatch.


Click to ENLARGE and stare in awe here. It was May 13, 2015 when I told YOU that I was finally getting the heck out of BJBHX.

Last night on Marketwatch I happened to see an article whose headline was “Deteriorating Junk Bonds …“. I was very glad that I was NO LONGER in junk bonds — having lived off them for nearly 6 years after the 2008 Financial Crisis. Since BJBHX was my prime instrument for exploiting junk bonds I had a hankering to see how it was doing — though I knew that it could NOT be doing too well given that junk bonds have taken a hammering this year.

I was sickened by what I saw — i.e., the CHART above.


Am I glad that I finally bailed out in mid-May 2015. Best thing I have done in years.

I did tell YOU to do the same. I reiterated that in September. IF you are still in BJBHX I feel bad for you. I have NOT checked the ex-DIV dates BUT if the Capital Gains are still in the fund GET OUT TODAY. Salvage what you can.

My fear is that many of you might be in BJBHX via a broker and not even KNOW that you are bleeding money like there is no tomorrow.

When I extracted everything I had in BJBHX I had to find a place to park it.

I also need to be able to make money from OPTIONS to make up for the income I was losing from BJBHX.

So not knowing any better I put all the BJBHX money into AMZN!



Fujifilm X-Pro 2, Alleged To Be Announced In A Few Weeks, Does Not Make Any Sense.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read here.


Yes, now that I have CONVINCED myself that my next BIG camera (not counting a ‘GoPro’ equivalent I just bought because the girls want one for Christmas) will the supposed Fuji X-T2 I am, of course, doing my diligence on Fuji and their cameras.

I have done some, though not extensive, research on the X-T1 vs. X-Pro 1. From everything I can see the X-Pro 1 is now a folly. The X-T1 is superior to it in every way other than for the fact that it does NOT look like an old rangefinder and does not have an Optical Viewfinder (OVF). Got that. I have to believe that Fuji no longer sells many X-Pro 1s. That is fine and fair. Most people who want a Fuji X-family camera are probably opting, despite the higher price, for the X-T1.

To bring out a X-Pro 2, especially without 4K video (though that bothers me naught), does not make sense. From my research the ONLY meaningful improvement that the X-Pro 2 will have over the X-Pro 1 is higher resolution — at least 24MP vs. the current 16MP. Yes, of course, that is never to be sneezed at. 16MP is on the low side and 24MP, in 2016, is ‘Goldilocks’.

But the PRIME APPEAL of the X-Pro is its retro look. My contention is that those that like the retro look probably already think that 16MP is way beyond what they need. Lets face it you can take some pretty fine images with 16MP.

The reason I am waiting for the X-T2 is the higher resolution. But as we already discussed the X-T1 is a better camera, technically and in practice, that the X-Pro 1. So a X-T2 makes a lot of sense. Not so a X-Pro 2.

Just like the rather stupid a68 Sony announced last month. Marginal cameras searching for a niche. These Japanese camera manufacturers, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, as I broached upon yesterday, really are in need of some ADULT supervision. Just remember camera companies can go UNDER. Kodak. Polaroid.

American Girl Doll Handcrafted Christmas By Teischan (9).

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by Anura Guruge

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As mentioned in prior posts Teischan, emulating her mother, likes to do crafts and is getting progressively good at it.

Of late she likes to make elaborate accessories and scenarios for her American Girl Doll — Isabelle.

This weekend she started doing this Christmas setup with a tree that lights up! [I need to get a picture when the lights are on.]

The fireplace that she built is in the middle picture albeit obscured quite a bit by the stockings.

At her express request she is getting another American Girl Doll and outfits for Christmas.

‘6 images for the day’ — December 8, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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Taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. Straight out of the camera.

Refer to this post for image resolution details.
NO post-processing whatsoever.
Straight JPEGs out of the camera.

Middle picture is Holocaust Survivor Kati Preston
seeing her biography for the first time —
which I published for her.

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

Enjoy. Thank YOU.

Malaysian Airlines MH370: 21 Month Anniversary. Others May Have Forgotten.


by Anura Guruge

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21 Months.

640 Days.

Still nothing concrete.
Again doubts about search area!


This is the LATEST.


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