Subscription Prices For Amazon Prime TV Channels, e.g., Starz, Showtime, Acorn etc.

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by Anura Guruge

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As of Tuesday, December 8, 2015, Amazon Prime started offering a slew of ‘premium’ TV channels on a monthly subscription fee basis.

As far as I can see all these TV channels, 25 in total, are being offered on a 1-month FREE ‘try-it-and-see’ subscription basis and Amazon, cutely, does NOT specify the monthly price for any …

But here are the prices to the best that I can work them out. The subscription for Acorn (which I already subscribe to) is the same, at $4.99, as what I pay through Roku.

The Starz and Showtime prices at $8.99/month are not bad.

1. Starz =  $8.99 per month

2. Showtime =  $8.99 per month

3. Acorn TV =  $4.99 per month

     (per ascending order of price)

4. Fear Factory = $2.99 per month

5. RingTV  = $2.99 per month

6. Dove Channel = $2.99 per month

7. Warriors and Gangsters = $2.99 per month

8. Monsters and Nightmares = $2.99 per month

9. Film Forum = $2.99 per month

10. IndieFlix Shorts = $2.99 per month

11. Comedy Central Stand-up Plus = $3.99 per month

12. LifeTime Movie Club = $3.99 per month

13. DramaFever Instant = $3.99 per month

14. ScreenJunkies = $4.99 per month

15. Shudder = $4.99 per month

16. ConTV = $4.99 per month

17. Cinefest =  $4.99 per month

18. Tribeca Shortlist = $4.99 per month

19. UMC =  $4.99 per month

20. CuriosityStream = $5.99 per month

21. HooplaKidz = $5.99 per month

22. Acacia TV = $6.99 per month

23. SundanceNow Doc Club = $6.99 per month

24. Ello Concerts. = $7.99 per month

25. Gaia = $9.95 per month

2 thoughts on “Subscription Prices For Amazon Prime TV Channels, e.g., Starz, Showtime, Acorn etc.

  1. Norma Bell

    I have a subscription to Acorn TV but the Doc Martin movies are not available yet you say they are when I do a search and try to sell me another subscription to Acorn TV. Same is true of Wild at Heart which is leaving Acorn on April 3rd. What’s the deal here.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Norma, where did I say that “Doc Martin” movies are available? Not sure I did BECAUSE I am NOT familiar with them. Yes, I know that shows come and go on Acorn. I have had Acorn for about 6 months. Don’t watch it every day. Actually haven’t watched it at all in about 2 months — though I still pay. Sorry IF I caused some confusion. Cheers.


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