New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee Area — A Green (Rather Than Brown) Christmas In 2015?

Christmas 2014.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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tree lighting.

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Christmas Eve 2012. There was, however, a rather big snow storm on December 17 and there was snow around — as can be seen in the photograph below.

Christmas Eve 2012 as above. Some snow left over and the ground wet from snow storm a week earlier.

Weather forecast till Christmas Eve Eve by ‘‘.


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2013. Fair amount of snow.

2014. Not much snow on the ground. The ground, however, was wet from previous storms.

Yes, given that this IS New Hampshire we could have one heck of a snowstorm on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. That would make a lot of people happy and of course the real definition of a ‘White Christmas‘ is snow falling on Christmas Day.

Right now from what I can see the chances are NOT looking good.

What is pretty amazing is that we haven’t — just like Buffalo, NY (where I lived 1967 – 1968) — had any snow this winter.

I remember a fair amount of Brown Christmases in New Hampshire, especially when I lived much further South, but I can’t remember going this late into the year without snow. I am NOT, however, complaining.

As you can see we had a Brown Christmas in Alton in 2012 and there was not that much snow on the ground last year. But in both cases the ground was wet and muddy — hence ‘Brown Christmas‘.

Yes, we have a lot of rain in the forecast this week. Nonetheless from what I can see we might get a Green Christmas in 2015 rather than one which is Brown or White.

Merry Christmas.  

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