WordPress.com Stats Should Be Back To Normal After An Hiccup Yesterday.

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by Anura Guruge

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wpsatssadfafdssafI am not sure how many of you, my fellow ‘WordPress.combloggers, noticed but our WordPress stats were all screwed-up yesterday, Wednesday, December, 16, 2015.

One of the WordPress.com servers that tabulates the stats was having an issue.

The most obvious sign that something was amiss was that the #Visitors did NOT gel with the #Views (with the #Views also a tad down from what they should have been).

OK. Given my innate interest in numbers, patterns and stats I know my Blog stats more intimately than I should. I know that my #Vistors to #Views ratio is roughly 1::2; i.e., each visitor, on average, views 2 pages. So when yesterday this ratio was 1::7 I knew that it was NOT right; i.e., each visitor viewing 7 pages were visit.

Then just past midnight this morning I had irrefutable proof. The stats at say 00:09 said that I had ONLY had 1 visitor (though #Views). But the ‘Views by Country’ said that I had had views from from the U.S.A., Finland and Belgium. Bingo. Can’t have views from 3 countries IF there had only been 1 Visitor.

I just happened to be ‘online’ with a WordPress.com as I was checking these numbers. I shared them with me. He came back, immediately, to confirm that there was a known issue and that they were trying to fix it ASAP.

Judging from today’s numbers it would seem that they have managed to fix most of it THOUGH (as is MORE common than you realize) the WordPress.com servers are missing some hits. In essence, in general, we ALL get MORE HITS than what the Stats page indicates! That is well known.

Just wanted to share that with YOU, my fellow WordPress.com bloggers.

Happy holidays. Cheers.

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