Best T-Shirt Slogan I Have Seen Since “If You Can Read This …”

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by Anura Guruge

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The “If You Can Read THIS The BITCH Fell Off” T-shirt from the 1990s.


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I first saw this, on the back of a biker, during Laconia Bike Week, c. 1996.

I couldn’t stop laughing for two weeks.

I could never wear one since I was NOT a biker.
Thought about getting one for the jet ski, but the lifevest obscured it.

Saw this last night, in Hanover, NH, at the “Salt Hill Pub“, after Christmas Revels 2015 (North).

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It is SO CLEVER at multiple levels (at least 3).

It was been worn by a (very nice) waitress. She was KIND enough to let me photograph her back, though when she gave permission, she had no idea what part of her (very attractive) backside I had designs on. She laughed when she saw what I had snapped.

Appears that they sell those T-shirts there and the waitresses wear them, on a rotating basis, as a promotional gimmick. She wanted to know whether I was interested in buying one. Alas, I pointed out to her that I was not in the habit of wearing T-shirts that promoted things and that I no longer partook in beer (just wine).

Third, maybe fourth time, we have been to the “Salt Hill Pub” — all, of course, after a show at the HOP. We like the place. Fun place. Decent food. Decent prices. Very friendly waitresses. Highly recommended.

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