Proposed New Hampshire Law To Take Away The Current FREEDOM Of “Free The Nipple”.

by Anura Guruge

It was the fear of this, i.e., NEW laws where prior laws did not exist precluding female toplessness, that made me turn my back on NH “Free The Nipple“. The nipple was FREE in NH, sans any laws, until these shortsighted folks started clamoring for freedom for something that was already free. Did not make sense.

Now, as I dreaded, three NH lawmakers, all from my county of Belknap, Messrs. Gallagher, Hurt and Spanos, and introduced N.H. House Bill (HB) 1525-FN, an act relative to the circumstances that constitute indecent exposure and lewdness.

 Click here to read proposed HB 1525 in its original form
at the NH State Website.

Click the images below to ENLARGE them
IF you prefer to read the ENTIRE bill here.



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by Anura Guruge

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