Way Excessive Packaging By Amazon.

by Anura Guruge

Yes, I know that people have been complaining about this, vehemently, for years. I also know that UPS changed their pricing, within the last 18 months, to reflect VOLUME as well as weight to curb Amazon’s penchant for this type of grossly wasteful packaging.

This was crazy. One plastic bottle of fiber capsules. Nothing breakable. Yes, susceptible to some crushing but even that would not have been serious. Not sure how the packaging is done — meaning whether it is human or automated. But this has to STOP.

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by Anura Guruge

1 thought on “Way Excessive Packaging By Amazon.

  1. janelleyjames

    I know exactly what you mean, I was shocked over how wasteful and unnecessary this is. I too have unbreakable items, clothing, Dentyne Fire gum, books, herbal supplements,and other things that don’t need excessive packaging. Ridiculous.


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