New, Rather Expensive ($1,699) Pseudo Rangefinder Fujifilm X-Pro2 Leaves Me Cold.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and view here. From the DPReview analysis. Use link below to access full, excellent, review. Seeing the LENS in the viewfinder would drive me BATS!

Click here for the, as ever superlative, DPReview
assessment of the Fuji X-Pro2.

Given that I (think) I have convinced myself that my next camera will be a Fuji X-T1 or ITS SUCCESSOR, I spent a lot of time and effort learning about the newly announced Fuji X-Pro2 given that I, like many, believe that the ‘X-T2’ would have similar specs. I have been baffled by the unstinted enthusiasm I have seen for the X-Pro2. I just can’t get it — as I have already said earlier.

It is NOT a rangefinder. It just looks like a rangefinder and as such has all of the FLAWS of a rangefinder WITHOUT the one big advantage of that genre, spot-on ‘image superimposition‘ focusing. Instead the X-Pro2, like the X-Pro1, has this hybrid OVF/EVF — albeit with refinements in the ‘2’. Do NOT get it. Yes, I am the first to admit it. I, since the Apple Mac pioneered this revolutionary concept 3 decades ago, have been a confirmed WYSIWYG guy. I like, at all times, to see exactly what I am getting or hoping to get. Since September 2015 when I switched, irrevocably, to ‘mirrorless‘ I have been in awe of the delights of using EVFs. I like to change WB etc. and see exactly what I can expect. Seeing the lens in my OVF would drive me bats. Plus I want to see the entire image I am shooting, full-frame, in my viewfinder — not within some white lines.

And then another thing I never understood, and could not properly rationalize, BUT has been mentioned in a number of X-Pro1 vs. X-T1 reviews that I have studied. The X-T1, invariably, delivers slightly better image quality than the X-Pro1. Don’t know why and none of the reviewers explained. Of course the X-Pro2, with better specs, should beat the X-T1 for now. But what I wonder is will an ‘X-T2’ with X-Pro2 like specs end up with better picture quality.

I just can’t see myself with an X-Pro2. To I it would be a regressive step. I tried very hard to convince myself that I could like the X-Pro2, BUT I can’t. IF there is to be no X-T2 I would rather get a X-T1, and save myself some serious dough, than get a X-Pro2. So that is where I stand for now. But many of my past claims about what camera I would get next have proved to be invalid. So time will tell. For now I am waiting for a X-T2. 

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by Anura Guruge

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