TDS Telecom, As I Knew They Would, Has Pushed Back 1 Gigabit Availability.

by Anura Guruge

I was first told that I could be one of the first to try it out, in the area, in October 2015. That was told to me in January 2015. TDS did not want me switching to MetroCast 75Mbps. I didn’t believe TDS and dig go and get 75Mbps from MetroCast.

Then I was told I would definitely have it in Spring of 2016. In December 2015, when I was in a protracted ‘battle’ with them about reduced bandwidth (since I still kept one TDS drop as a backup), I was told Gigabit, coming in the next ‘few months’, would solve all my problems. Well pigs would fly.

I just happened to check. They are now saying AUGUST 2016. That is neither Spring 2016 or really a ‘few months’ from December (though I appreciate that there are no defined limits as to how far ‘few months’ extends).

I no longer trust TDS. They have abused me for way too long. I probably will NOT sign up for 1 Gig though I realize that I might be spiting myself. I am going to continue with MetroCast 105 Mbps till at least year end to see how others fair with TDS. I know this for a fact; 15% of THIS neighbourhood will NOT signup for 1 Gig. That is a given.


Latest TDS 1 Gig in Alton availability map — with different areas ‘pinned’ as A, B, C etc. I am ‘G’. Click to ENLARGE. Use this link to access original:


Click to ENLARGE. My neighborhood. Yep, pigs will fly.

I have invented a new game to while away few minutes of my near daily run. I try to come up with new phrases to fit the TDS acronym. Example: Too Damn Slow.

My latest.

TDS = Totally Despicable Scoundrels.

You can join too. It is fun and therapeutic.

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by Anura Guruge

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