Amazon ‘Echo’, As In Super Bowl Ad, Apple’s Siri On The ‘Cheap’.

by Anura Guruge


Amazon’s ‘Echo’ Super Bowl ad. Click to access YouTube video posted by Amazon.

I am sure most people seeing the Super Bowl ad yesterday had NO idea as to what an AmazonEcho‘ was and what it was capable of doing — other than maybe play music, turn lights on and answer questions. But these features are NO LONGER new, let alone ‘oh gosh’ to many people. From TV ads I have seen (albeit not during Super Bowl) quite a few contemporary cars have this type of voice-controlled automation — and then there is Apple’sSiri‘. [You really should check out this ‘Siri‘ link.]

So this is not groundbreaking technology. Amazon had offered my one, as a Prime customer, at a discount quite a few months ago. I really didn’t see a need. PLUS it would never be able to understand my garbled accent — given that most times I can’t understand what I am saying.

PLUS, there is a MAJOR privacy reason I will talk about in a later post!

For now let me just give you the specs. Yes, you need an APP, running on an mobile device, to set it up.

Click images to ENLARGE and study here.

Use this link to access Amazon’s product page for the ‘Echo’.

amazonecho33333 amazonecho22222 amazonecho111111

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by Anura Guruge

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