Lake Winnipesaukee, NH 2016: No Ice-In Does Not Mean Ice-Out Will Be Early.

by Anura Guruge


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So this will be the 4th time since they started keeping records some 170 years ago that Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire — our BIG Lake — has not fully frozen over. The prior three winters having been: 1998 – 1999, 2000 – 2001 & 2014 – 2015. So those are the so called “no ice-in” years.

But as my ice-out Excel spreadsheet shows no ice-in doesn’t mean that we by rote will get an early ice-out. Yes, we did have an relatively early ice-out the first time we experienced a no ice-in, i.e., 1998 – 1999. But it had been even earlier the year before. But the other two were ABOVE average — the average being 109 days into the year, April 20 IF it is not a leap-year and April 19 IF it is (as is this year).

So just a heads up.

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by Anura Guruge

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