BAD NEWS! The Existence Of This Blog Has Been Jeopardized By

by Anura Guruge

Thursday, February 25, 2016 9pm.

After another 40 minutes with WordPress
we finally FIXED this.

It costs me $8.25 BUT that was well worth it.

Am I relieved.

Thank YOU for your support.

We are good at least for another year. SMILE.

it sucksDue to what was supposed to be an act of kindness on the part of ‘’, who hosts this blog, I might be LOSING this entire blog in just over a month!

Yes, all of this could be gone on March 26, 2016!

Basically screwed up the autorenewal for the domain name of this blog: nhlifefree,com.

Now the domain name CANNOT be renewed and is set to EXPIRE on March 26, 2016!

How did this happen?

Because 2 weeks ago, when I was complaining about the WordPress STATS yet again being wrong, a WP engineer tried to placate me by giving a FREE month. In trying to do so THEY broke something internally and they can’t FIX it.

I am gutted. 4,497 posts over 5 years. Enviable Google rankings. Going to lose all of that.

Yes, we are trying to fix this. But for now I cannot continue to post — knowing that I could lose all of this.

IF I end up losing this blog that will be the end of my days blogging. Maybe that is a good thing. This could be fate.

This was all so unnecessary. C’est la vie. This is my life. Thanks for your support. Bye for now … maybe Goodbye for ever. Thanks. Cheers.

by Anura Guruge

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