Knight’s Pond, Alton, N.H. Revisited — Still Scenic But Tranquility Literally Shot To Smithereens.

by Anura Guruge

Knight’s Pond, a Conservation Area
in Alton, New Hampshire,
is off Rte 28, going towards Wolfeboro.
on Rines Road. See this post for directions.

All the pictures taken with my
Panasonic Lumix LX100.

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

We had discovered Knight’s Pond in 2011. The two Goldens loved it. Being able to swim in the pond while we walked alongside on the path. It is a nice isolated location, rarely (if ever) crowded, and the trail is far from taxing — the sections with elevation, far apart, and easy to negotiate.

Deanna wanted to go for a hike on Sunday (February 28, 2016) given that the weather was going to be exceptional — at least in the high 40s Fahrenheit. She suggested Mount Major but I pointed out that it might be too tricky given that there would still be a lot of ice around. So I countered with Knight’s given that any slipperiness was not going to be a major issue. Yes, dogs through the ice was a potential problem and sure enough we did have to rescue Braxton — though it wasn’t serious since it was at the shoreline (as opposed to the middle of the pond).

There were in total four other ‘groups’ there and that is nothing given the vast size of the place. We basically had the place to ourselves which is what I had expected. There were some long patches of slush and ice but it wasn’t hard to negotiate. It is very scenic with interesting trees, rocks, fungi and vegetation.

In our previous visits (as is not that unusual for New Hampshire) we have savored the solitude and tranquility.

Not so on Sunday. There is (inexplicably) a shooting range next door and they were going full bore with automatic fire. You felt like you were in a war zone. That is a crying shame. Yes, it detracted but it is not a major blow for us. We live in the woods and we are surrounded by the ‘sound of silence’ and birds most of the time. Just feel bad for those coming to Knight’s on a weekend hoping for some peace and quiet. These two YouTube videos, which I shot for the SOUND (and not for the scenery), will let you see what the noise is like. Get the word out. Don’t let folks go there on a WEEKEND and feel that they wasted their time. Shame. 

Click images to access short YouTube video clips.
Turn up the VOLUME.


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by Anura Guruge

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