You Can’t Watch ICC World Twenty20 2016 On Sling Unless You Are A Loser!

by Anura Guruge


Sling’s coverage of the ICC World Twenty20, 2016, sucks.

They make NO ATTEMPT to reflect what matches are being shown. Total frigging crap shoot.

Sling’s management has total and utter contempt for Indians. I know. I have spoken with them. They are only interested in screwing us for every cent they can and making us jump through hoops. Sling might has well be a Donald Trump enterprise.

Yes, the matches are on Sling BUT you will spend hours trying to find the right match — and when it started.

Yes, if YOU are a LOSER and can sit in front of Sling all frigging day, your hands down your pants playing with yourself, you will do fine. Enjoy.

For others, like I, who do have a life and other things to do, Sling is but a bloody pathetic JOKE.

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by Anura Guruge

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