Who Knew That Afghanistan Can Play Serious (Near) World Class Cricket? Not I.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access the ‘ICC’ official page for this incredible match.

Wow. WOw. WOW!

Who knew? Not I. I think I had seen them once, last year, in some kind of T20 qualifier. I also happened to see their Under 19 team in the U19 Championship. But I never took them seriously.

Weren’t a British colony. So who taught them to play cricket and where can they play.

I happened to watch the highlights of Match 9, Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan Sunday night because I wanted to catch ALL the Zimbabwe games before the Super 10 matches started. I like Zimbabwe. They remind me of MY West Indies of the late 1970s and early 1980s. I was pretty sure that Zimbabwe would win, with overs to spare, and qualify.

Was I wrong. The Afghans sure know how to play T20. I am in awe. I will have to look up cricket in Afghanistan. I thought they would not have the time or the facilities.

Now we will see them a few more times playing the big boys and the West Indies girls.

My congratulations to Afghanistan. Well done. You played well. I will watch the whole match as soon as I get the time.

Thank YOU. That was quite the match.

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by Anura Guruge

3 thoughts on “Who Knew That Afghanistan Can Play Serious (Near) World Class Cricket? Not I.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Yes, well played Afghanistan. In a few minutes I plan to go and watch the Afghanistan vs. Scotland game and the one against Hong Kong. I have the replays. Thanks.


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