As Ever Delectable Easter Cakes For Sri Lanka By ‘Kapruka’.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and goggle here. Access Kapruka at:

Given that I have been a very good customer for well over a decade I get regular e-mail updates from Kapruka to try and tempt me.

I always like looking at their cakes and over the years have shared pictures of them with you. If I could I would share actual cakes with you too but Kapruka cakes are ONLY available for delivery in Sri Lanka.

These cakes remind me of my youth in Ceylon (before it became Sri Lanka in the 1970s). Ceylon, thanks to the British influence, has been famous for its elaborate and rich cakes for years. My adoptive mother made cakes that make these Kapruka cakes, fancy as they be, look pedestrian. She would make, out of cake, large 3D, upright figures.

But enjoy.

Kapruka JUST started a U.S. delivery service BUT that does not cover cakes!

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by Anura Guruge

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