March 31 Is ‘National Bunsen Burner Day’ & March 30 ‘National Pencil Day’.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and read here. From Wikipedia. See link in image.


The quintessential lab scene from my youth in the 1950s & 1960s. Flask on a stand bubbling away atop a Bunsen Burner. Click to ENLARGE and enjoy.


Click to ENLARGE and view. Labs of my ERA c. 1960. You can see 2 Bunsen Burners in the foreground — right — with flasks, with multiple tubes emanating, above them. I truly can relate to this THOUGH the labs I attended were not as crowded and ALAS had NO girls.

Yes, March 31 is designated ‘National Bunsen Burner Day‘ — March 31, 1811 having been the birthday of its eponymous inventor.

Bunsen Burners are very much an evocative part of my teen years, in Ceylon and Britain. The British education system, also used in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), was BIG on hands on chemistry labs starting when you were around 11. Ananda College, in Colombo, with close to 6,000 kids had, for the time, impressive and well equipped labs. Though I, for winning all those educational prizes, was granted a small chemistry lab in my room at home, replete with bench, sink and ‘kit’, I could not have a Bunsen Burner because we didn’t have ‘the gas’. So the best I could do at home was alcohol burners that can’t match a Bunsen for heat.

Well, happy ‘Bunsen Burner’ Day.

[Here is my ‘National Pencil Day‘ Post.]

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by Anura Guruge

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