Mr. Selfridge, Season 4, Snuck Up On Us, With No Warning From PBS — Albeit To Our Delight.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access PBS homepage for “Mr. Selfridge” Season 4 with an embedded promo video.

Though we, as true devotees, watched all the 9 episodes of “Downton AbbeySeason 6 (alas, the final season) plus all of the other ‘milk-it’ shows that went before and after (e.g., the ‘BAFTA Awards‘ for the show) we did not see any trailers or promos for Season 4 (alas, also another final season) for ‘Mr. Selfridge‘. We only found out because our DISH DVR was programmed to record all new episodes of PBSMasterpiece Theater” and as such recorded Sunday’s episode, i.e., episode 1. I actually first thought that it was a rerun — having been convinced that Season 3 was the last.

We were wrong and we are delighted. We discovered “Mr. Selfridge” on Amazon Prime Video, serendipitously, after we had finished watching Seasons 1 to 5 of “Downton Abbey”, more or less nightly, on Prime. “Mr. Selfridge” was a great antidote for “Downton Abbey” withdrawal until we discovered, on British ‘Acorn’, the Australian “A Place To Call Home“. Teischan (then 9), who became quite the “Downton” expert, also knew “Mr. Selfridge” characters, storyline and plots very well. So we are all happy. I just checked that the other 8 episodes of Season 4 will be recorded. You can catch reruns of “Mr. Selfridge” Season 4 episode 1 on Saturday and Sunday and it is probably also on Roku. It is on Prime, albeit at $1.99 an episode.

Enjoy. We will. [I have been very familiar with the Oxford St. store since 1967 and for a few months in 1979 worked in an office just around the corner from the store.]

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by Anura Guruge

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