Do Not Buy Expensive Digital Cameras From Anybody Other Than Amazon!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read these two posts from the “DPReview” Forums.



The above 2 Forum posts were against a thread I started, prior to buying my Fuji X-E2s, as to whether new Fuji cameras, sold in the U.S., come inside factory sealed plastic bags.

They are supposed to, per Fuji U.S.A, and my Fuji X-E2s, that I bought from Amazon, did indeed come inside a sealed bag

The above posts CONFIRMED a fear that I had long held. That some online U.S. camera dealers resell RETURNED units!

Yes, I have seen posts online suggesting that you could have this same problem with Amazon.

I, however, believe that Amazon given its scale is the one LEAST LIKELY to do so — and it is so easy, with Amazon, to return an item.

I have talked to Amazon about this. They assure me that they NEVER restock returned cameras. Instead all return cameras are sold as WAREHOUSE SPECIALS — and they sure have a big section of such specials.

I had bought quite a few cameras from ‘‘, Panasonic, Sony & Canon, and none of them came sealed. When asked they said that they open and check all cameras prior to shipping. I am now skeptical.

Well I have decided, categorically, that I will, in future. buy ALL my cameras from Amazon. Period. Just sharing with you in case it helps. SMILE.

Full Disclosure: I do own Amazon shares and have done so for some time.

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by Anura Guruge

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