“Walk In The Woods”, Adaptation Of Bill Bryson’s Book, Was Painfully, Dreadfully Awful.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access “IMDb.com” listing for this dreadful movie.

This movie, which like the book could have been brilliant, failed, and failed miserably on two fronts.

It was NOT TRUE to Bill Bryson’s (compelling) book & it was NOT TRUE to reality.

There are NO, I repeat ‘NO’, grizzly bears anywhere on the Appalachian Trail. For them to show an extremely well trained grizzly (who thought it was so funny himself that he had a permanent grin on his face) attacking a camp on the AT is a sick, a very sick joke.

Bill Bryson was 47 when he walked the trail. Robert Redford, who plays Bill Bryson in the movie, was a very old and decrepit 79. 79! That is a 68% difference in bloody age and it makes a bloody difference.

Bill Bryson lives in historic and amazingly picturesque Hanover, New Hampshire — home of Dartmouth College. The furthest north that the film crew travelled was Sharon, Connecticut — about 300 miles south. To try and pass of communities in CT as being in New Hampshire makes me, a proud NH resident, mad, very mad.

Dreadful, dreadful movie.

Why Bill Bryson, who I have always admired and respected (and would part with one of my testicle in order to emulate) would sell his soul for this atrocious movie totally and utterly baffles me. Why? He can’t want MORE money. He is RICH! Never understood the insatiable greed of rich people — never having had the luck or luxury of ever being rich. Why? John Irving is another of my top 10 authors. I think he is the cat’s whiskers. Why he bastardized his iconic “The Cider House Rules” for the movie always disappointed and disillusioned me. The only good thing that happened from that was I married Deanna — the only female I had met who understood that the movie was just tripe and bore no resemblance to the book!

Wedding 075

Why there was a copy of “The Cider House Rules” next to our wedding cake in 2003.

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by Anura Guruge

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