Sony’s Announced Delay In Camera Shipments Could Affect Nikon, Fuji, Pentax etc. IF Sensors Are Involved.

by Anura Guruge


From “DPReview”, June 28, 2016. Click image to access original.

In 2015 it was estimated that Sony owned 40% of the sensor market — with it being known that Nikon, Fuji, Pentax and Olympus (among others) bought some or all of their sensors from Sony. Apple also relies on Sony sensors for the iPhones.

It is not clear from this announcement whether sensor manufacturing has been impacted. If so there could be a domino effect rippling across the whole market. One piece of ‘good news’ is that Apple has cut back on their demand for sensors with iPhones not selling as much as they used to. That could help.

So best to be on your guard over the next 3 months IF you are hoping to get a new camera. There could be delays. Heads up.

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by Anura Guruge

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