Somebody Broke Into The New Hampshire ‘State House’ In Concord?

by Anura Guruge


Click to access the Boston WCVB Channel 5 original.


This UPSETS me, greatly, at multiple levels.

I am VERY FOND of OUR wonderful, HISTORIC State House. As a ‘Granite State Ambassador‘ (GSA) I have volunteered at the State House — and if the truth be told, I did have a hand in getting GSA volunteering there.

It is one of the FRIENDLIEST, most open Government facilities I have ever visited (and yes, I have visited the Pentagon to do a presentation for an Army General).

I also know, starting with our AMAZING Governor, Maggie Hassan, quite a few people who work, visit and volunteer there. I know that my friends in the “Visitor Center” will feel this violation at a very personal level.

Ironic that just last month they were talking about increasing security at the State House. See below. Two years ago, as a GSA, I attended a 2-hour discussion on this very same issue — though we never even touched upon break ins at night. 

That they did NOT have any infrared security detectors is inexcusable!

When I saw this on TV this morning my second thought, after thinking of how this will upset the folks who work there, was to think of all the irreplaceable, historic items we have at the State House. We even have some moon rock. That some objects were damaged upsets me, GREATLY.

This is NOT good. I am not happy.


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by Anura Guruge

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