“Polar Caves”, Rumney, New Hampshire — Second Visit In Two Years.

by Anura Guruge

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All taken with my Fuji X-E2s.

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Teischan, then 9, went to ‘Polar Caves’ (in Rumney, NH) for the first time last year on a school field trip. She loved it. Come the Summer (of 2015) she insisted that this was the #1 place she wanted to visit. We had never been though we had driven past it numerous times. So last August, while Devanee was at camp, we took her. We were impressed and had a good time — as I elaborated in my post. On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, we visited again — this time Teischan, Devanee & I (while Deanna went to some medical appointments).

We got there around 10:15. Glad we did. It never got super busy while we were there but we definitely beat the ‘rush’. That was good. Three bus loads of kids from various camps came along and it did get quite noisy and boisterous. But that was OK.

We had fun. It wasn’t as ‘great’ second time around for me as it had been last year. The novelty was gone and I knew what to expect. Teischan still loves it and claims that it is still her #1 spot though she had a good day at “Clark’s Trading Post” last week. I would go to Clark’s any day of the week. Clark’s is way more fun, has more to do, has a wonderful festive air (always) and is more colorful in every way (with way more flowers than there were at the Cave’s).

There was more emphasis on rock climbing that I recall from last year. A few of the granite faces, along the Nature Walk, had been equipped with ‘hammered in’ acruirments to facilitate climbing and rappelling. Way of the future, I guess — a way to get more visitors.

But, all in all not a bad day. It is NOT a full-day out as is say Clark’s or ‘Storyland’. Teischan did all the caves (nine in total) twice — once as soon as got there and the second time after we had lunch. I accompanied her on the second circuit, climbing the 87 steps to the top of “Raven’s Nest”, but didn’t go through the caves — each cave having a ‘detour’ for those that wish to give them a miss. I also walked the full nature course (the hard way) twice — though the girls opted for the easy route the second time. We took out time. Teischan mined for minerals — for $10. But with all of that by 3pm we were well and truly done. At Clark’s last week, we were there till 5:30 and could have stayed for at least another hour longer IF they hadn’t closed! So that is a big difference.

IF you haven’t been, definitely give it a try. That said I am surprised that there aren’t many serious accidents at this place! It is dangerous. Devanee and I both banged our heads, twice each — and we are not that tall or bulky. We both sport BIG bumps on our heads and I am not pleased because I haven’t had a bump like that on my head, which hurts like that, for decades. parents let little kids run through the place and I spoke with a mother, who had been there before, who was trying to navigate the caves, which invariably have slippery floors, wearing rubber flip-flops! To exacerbate matters one of them broke, to her consternation, while she was in a cave — behind us.

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by Anura Guruge

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