Would Be A Shame To Use A UV Filter In Front Of The New Nikon’s 1″ DL Camera Lenses, e.g., DL18-50.

by Anura Guruge

One of the many highlights of these three new 1″ sensor Nikon Premium Compacts is the high-tech Fluorine coating used on the lenses of all three cameras. Per Nikon (and see below) this Fluorine coating actively repels dust, water, grease and more. That sound good. Very good.

The DL18-50 lens, in addition, is said to have a special ‘Nano Crystal Coat‘ that eliminates distortion, ghosting, aberrations & internal reflections.

It is the dust, water and grease (as in fingerprint) repelling of the Fluorine coating that interests (and concerns) me the most.

In an effort to safeguard the surface of my (expensive) lenses and because I have been doing it for so long, I, as soon as I get a new lens (whether attached to a camera or interchangeable), immediately slap on a good quality, typically B+W, UV lens on front of it. And doing that will continue to protect the lens on a new Nikon DL camera.

But here is the irony and rub. Even a good multi-coated filter (such as a B+W) will not have the equivalent of the Fluorine coating of the lens behind it. So the filter will be prone to dust etc.

Plus there is a school of thought that is adamant that UV filters should under no circumstances be used with modern digital cameras — since they will interfere and interact with all the built-in, integrated filters built into the sensor!

So it would appear that it would be best to avoid putting a UV filter in front of the new Nikon Premium Compacts — and from what I can see Nikon, nor anyone else, appears to make a  Fluorine coated UV filter. But even if they did, the don’t use UV with modern digitals would override that.


I raised this issue on the “DPReview.com” “Nikon Coolpix” forum
this morning. 
Basically what I talked about here.


Click to ENLARGE if you like. Use above link to access the “DPReview” forum and follow this post.

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by Anura Guruge

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