2016 Bikinis You Are Unlikely To See In New Hampshire — Maybe Best Compromise To “Free The Nipple”.

by Anura Guruge

From July 22, 2016  U.K. “Daily Mail“.

Click snippet below to ENLARGE and read here.

2016bikini23452424242 2016bikini2322342

Well, of course, in “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire, the top part is completely and totally optional. Despite all the clamour that would indicate otherwise New Hampshire, as a State (like so many other States), freely PERMITS female toplessness — without caveats.

But there are indeed strict laws about keeping all parts below the waistline covered to an extent — for both genders.

All that said bikinis are not that prevalent in New Hampshire — and in my experience they have never been in the 30 years I have lived here (15 of that waterfront). And you can’t blame it on the cold. It is in the 90°F (32°C) today. IF I go to any of the Lake Winnipesaukee beaches I am sure the bikini quotient will be under 50% — possibly way under.

Given that the the subtitle of this blog does say “A life of granite in NH” I feel that it is my duty to share such insights with YOU.


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by Anura Guruge

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