Meditation Is In No Way Related To Religion.

by Anura Guruge


No one religion can claim a right to meditation and meditation itself is totally independent of any and all religions. PERIOD.

All the major religions talk about some form or other of meditation. Not to do so would be incongruous, to say the least. Meditation is about mindfulness, reflection, introspection — all things that all religions want you to indulge in. But, there are millions of people who are areligious, including I, who meditate. So to claim that meditation is in someway related to or associated with religion is ridiculous. And it invariably cracks me up when ‘those from the West’ get all animated when talking about Buddhism and meditation. Ah! If only they knew. Buddhism, at its core, is about reincarnation. Meditation is but a tool to contemplate your life and future lives so you can get a grip on making sure you don’t end up getting reincarnated as a fly.

So why this sudden outburst on this issue. It has to do with the Publishing Industry codes assigned to books called “Book Industry Standards and Communications Codes” (BISAC codes). When I went to assign the BISAC for my “Brain Meditation” book I was shocked to discover that ‘meditation’ is buried deep inside the ‘Religion’ category! See below. No big deal but I do NOT consider my book with having ANYTHING to do with religion. It actually says that in the text!


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by Anura Guruge

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