“Annie and the Orphans” Up CLOSE — Alton, N.H., Sunday, August 14, 2016.

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

All taken with my rented Nikon D500
(with a LOT of fiddling and frustration)

Attribution WILL be enforced.

Don’t overlook the seagull who crowned this shot.

Mr. “Annie”, the maestro with 300+ song repertoire, Anatole Paquette.

Steve Giotas on drums.

Bob McNab, accompanying Annie, on bass, for over 50 years!

Scott Groleau, the thinker from Laconia, on sax.

Wildman, Peter Previte, keyboards & vocals.

Roy D’innocenzo, lead guitar and ‘Music Director’.

‘The Nephew’, from Florida, Annie’s brother’s son — he was up here last Summer too.


These were taken on Sunday at the rescheduled Alton Bay (New Hampshire) performance by ‘Annie and the Orphans‘.

It was beyond STIFLING hot. Probably in the low 90s with high humidity. Tremendous testament to the professionalism, commitment and loyalty of this much loved group that they were able to perform in that heat. THANK YOU, Annie and the orphans.

I will confess it was TOO HOT for I — and I am not talking just about the music. Despite my enviable tan I don’t do well in the Sun or heat! Yet another contradiction as to who I am. We had to leave. Sorry. But I took these pictures, with excruciating trouble, with the rented Nikon D500. More than ONCE I thought about tossing it into the Lake. I had insurance and could claim I dropped it. But I didn’t. These pictures are OK — but I would LIKED to have done better.

Yes, I have more pictures. I will share them with you.

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by Anura Guruge

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