The Canon Mirrorless M5’s Dual Controls On Top Much More Appealing To I Than The 80D’s Top LCD.

by Anura Guruge


The supposed Canon M5 top view. Click to access original and more details from “The New Camera”.


The Canon 80D top view from Amazon.

Prior to owning a digital camera with a top LCD I lusted for one so much. It was one of my top criteria in opting for my ill fated Sony a77 Mk II. Once I got the a77 Mk II I quickly realized, within days, that I never used the top LCD! Why peer at the small LCD when you have a bigger, brighter 3″ LCD inches away. As of then I came to the conclusion that top LCDs are a waste of time, money and space — particularly the latter.

Give me a dedicated exposure compensation dial rather than a top LCD.

So the top layout on the Canon M5 is another feature going for it.

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by Anura Guruge

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