It Was Cool To Meet ‘Hunter Taylor’, Of Alton, The BIG Winner Of The Belknap County Commissioner Primary.

by Anura Guruge

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Hunter Taylor with his wife, Ruth Larson.

I had a 3pm in Gilford on NH September Primary Day, Sept. 13, 2016, to get my teeth cleaned. On the way home I decided to swing by the Gilford Polling Station to ‘press-the-flesh’ with my Democrat friends, Lisa DiMartino and Nancy Frost in particular. I missed Lisa since she had left for Meredith. But Nancy was still there as was Johan Andersen — both, like Lisa, running for NH House. Standing next to them, wearing a “Hunter Taylor” golf-shirt was this rather neat lady who promptly engaged me in a lively conversation and did a wonderful, much endearing impression of our (of late) ex-neighbor the wavering part-time ex-politician. I liked her — much. She was cool. She turned out to be “Ruth Larson” — Hunter Taylor’s wife (and as she told me, one of his former students). She and I had a lot to talk about, in particular Hunter Taylor’s opponent’s very shady financial dealings.

As we were chatting Hunter Taylor, who I had not previously met, sauntered over. To my amazement he knew who I was! I was impressed. He is a real cool dude. Nice guy. As some of you know I do not let my strong Democratic leanings get in the way of liking people irrespective of their political leanings. Plus on some social issues I (still retaining my old reputation for being “to the right of Thatcher“) am very much with the Conservatives — even more of a stickler than the current Pope. Hunter Taylor, by any measure, is a much better candidate to continue as Commissioner than his opponent. No wonder he went to beat him 2,035 to 591 votes; 500 to 153 in Alton, where both contestants reside. I am glad that Hunter Taylor won. I went searching the Web to find the results because WMUR was not forthcoming.

I am glad I stopped at the Polling Station.

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by Anura Guruge

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