‘Catholic Press Photo’ — Pope Francis Christmas Card For 2016.

by Anura Guruge



If you Italian is a bit rusty what it says is:
“In Christ appeared the grace, mercy, tenderness of the Father: Jesus and Love made flesh
— Father Francis”


Click to access the “Catholic Press Photo” Website … with AMAZING pictures.


From the “Catholic Press Photo” Website. Use link embedded in image above to access the Website.

Alessia Giuliani

Posting the Catholic Press Photo, “Pope’s Christmas Card,” has been one of my cherished annual traditions since 2008, one that I eagerly look forward to as soon as we enter December.

2010 card, 2012 card, & 2015 card.

I used to post them on my then widely read “Popes and Papacy” blog. Though it is still active I don’t update it much. So this year I am starting by posting the card here.

The Rome-based Catholic Press Photo, established over 40 years ago, now led by Alessia Giuliani, the daughter of one of the founders, has been a good friend. This gives me a chance to highlight their excellent work. Enjoy their pictures … especially those of the cardinals.

This year’s card comes with good wishes from Alessia, Monica, Giancarlo e Emanuela.

Thank YOU.

Merry Christmas.

The 2010 Card for a bit of Nostalgia.

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by Anura Guruge

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