Teischan (10) Gets A Hamster — Delayed Christmas Present.

by Anura Guruge

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Ever since we lost the last of our 3 dwarf bunnies in September Teischan has been going on about wanting a hamster. Having two active, playful dogs was not enough. She wanted a critter that she could hold in her hands and Braxton, at 47lbs, was past that stage.

After much wrangling it was finally agreed that she would get one for ‘Christmas’. But, it couldn’t be Christmas per se since we were going to ‘Mohegan Sun’ for a 4-night mini-vacation, straight after, and hamsters need a bonding period.

So it was agreed that we would get it early in the new year. I started calling up local Petco stores to find out when they were getting their new shipment of hamsters. Concord Petco, the best for us, was getting their delivery today — at noon. So we actually took Teischan out of school, at 2pm, so that she could get there at a reasonable time. I got her there by 2:40pm.

She wanted a Teddy Bear Hamster. They had 4, but they were all female. Teischan wanted a boy.

So, I opted to take her to the Petco in Manchester, 20 minutes away.

They had a boy BUT Teischan didn’t like it! It did look a bit sickly. So, I was going to try other pet stores. But then Teischan changed her mind. She decided she would get a CUTE female instead.

And that is what we did. Not sure she has a name as yet. It was, I think, going to be ‘Teddy‘ (as in Roosevelt), for the boy. She did inform me that the girl could still be ‘Teddy’. I guess she is right.

I had to widen one of her shelves by 4″ to safely accommodate the cage — with zero risk of it tipping over. Had to stop at ‘Home Depot‘ and buy some wood. Also added a 3/4″ lip to be doubly safe. All screwed down. So the cage is safe. Another is on the way — since I gather they like multiple habitats. We are good on the toy department. I had done some Christmas shopping on that front, on Amazon, for Christmas.

So we now have 2 dogs, 1 hamster and 1 betta fish.

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by Anura Guruge

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