Is It True That White Women Find Asian Men Unattractive?

by Anura Guruge


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The BOOK and I am envious since this is WONDERFUL publicity and will make it a bestseller.

I happened to see this story in the U.K. “Daily Mail” and it, obviously, piqued my interest.

While this has no relevance, whatsoever, to I, given my now advanced decrepitness, I kind of felt bad for my fellow Asian brethren — in case any of them were trying to score with a while female. [To also be fair, I am not sure whether this bald, fat, black guy is talking about orientals as well as those from and around the Subcontinent. No matter. We all consider ourselves Asian in some form or another.]

I am also totally UNQUALIFIED to comment on this given my extremely limited experience on this subject. But, in my case, I can fully understand and concur. So, I have to stay out of this equation.

But I do know of a few Asian men who are married to white women — of normal size, with all their teeth and not 30-years their senior. I had to say that to make sure that there was no assumption that Asian men could only persuade the really, really desperate to marry them. [And I am NOT going to even bring up Imran Khan, because he was a god!]

So, I don’t know. This could be true. I wish I could help.

I don’t watch Game Shows (and never have) so I don’t know this bald, fat, black guy — other than seeing him with another fat guy a few days ago. That being the Trump. That was what struck me. Wow. Two pudgy guys. But, of course, they are BOTH, by definition, highly attractive and obviously chick magnets. What is his name, Steve Harvey.

Well, I just wanted to ‘document’ this. I am so glad that I have no skin in this game.

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by Anura Guruge

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