TDS TV 1Gig Fiber Service In Alton (N.H.) Comes To Over $225/month For My Needs!

by Anura Guruge


I currently have TWO Internet services: 150/160Mbps from MetroCast and 15Mbps from TDS. Yes, I have two services to get more bandwidth and redundancy (when one goes down). I also have DISH TV (via TDS) and a TDS landline.

I had always said I would get 1Gig when it was available. But, I have now gone 2 months without doing so.

Yes, my current bills for TDS/DISH & MetroCast comes to around $235. So in theory I can get much more for less with TDS.

Aaahh! But the devil is in the details. I get HBO with DISH. It will cost me ANOTHER $20 to get it with the TDS bundle. Plus now I have redundancy and that is always nice when either MetroCast (very rarely) or TDS (more often) is down. IF I want redundancy it will cost me more. Without HBO I would probably be in the $260 region. But, in theory I will be getting a LOT of bandwidth though none of the speeds are guaranteed.

Some of you may have seen TDS’ $101.94/month price.

That is for 100Mbps, NO HD, 1 TV and Internet phone.

TDS charges $10/month for HD and $8/month for additional TVs. So I am immediately $18 up on that.

So, just a heads up. HD is $10/month, additional TVs are $8/month and you will only get a landline IF you already have one — like we do.

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by Anura Guruge

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