Nikon, In STUNNING Volte-Face, Cancels All Three 1″ DL Compact Cameras — TURNING POINT FOR INDUSTRY!

by Anura Guruge

Pertinent extract from Nikon’s
February 13, 2017 Press Release.


Click to ENLARGE. You can find original Press Release at

What the three (3) 1″ DL models were supposed to be.

Note that the DL24-85 came in black & silver models.


I am SURE that this marks an important turning point in the digital camera industry.

Increasingly capable mobile phones are usurping digital cameras — particularly the consumer, compact cameras such as this. People can’t be bothered to carry a camera when they can snap pictures with their phones.

Digital camera sales, last year, had already declined by over 30%.

So, FINALLY the Japanese camera manufacturers are tightening their belts.

Shame. I had SERIOUSLY thought about getting the Nikon DL24-85 as my compact.

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by Anura Guruge

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