NASA’s Exoplanet Announcement, February 22, 2017 — Wouldn’t Get Too Excited.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access NASA’s press release IF you are really interested. Doesn’t say much other than date and time.

As a cynic I am skeptical that they will have anything ‘Earth Shattering’ — and IF they, by some miracle do, IT would be beyond extraordinary.

The nearest Exoplanet we know of now (and we know of over 3,500) is 4.2 LIGHT YEARS away. That is quite the distance.

Now MAYBE they will tell us that AT LAST we have picked up some radio signals that look like they are intentional. That is as much as I am expecting and even that is a HUGE stretch.

But, let’s wait and see. Just about 12 hours away.

Bon Chance!

> >> UPDATE << <<

I was right! 40 light years AWAY!

Pie in the sky. More later (i.e., tonight).

This was NOT big news. We know of 3,500+ exoplanets already.

There HAS to be other life somewhere … We can’t be alone, we can’t be unique.

This belief that other life will be similar to us is not kosher.

Not sure that water HAS to be a prerequisite. I think we need to be more broadminded. There could be life that lives off Hydrogen. That would be much easier. More of it too.

Later … I am writing another book. No, not on exoplanets.


An artist rendition of what an exoplanet will look like.

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by Anura Guruge

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