Pope Francis Was Elected 4 Years Ago; March 13, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

It was a BIG day for I, as ‘Mr. Next Pope‘.

Luckily for I, I had got it RIGHT! (Phew).

It had been a hectic month singe Benedict XVI announced his intent to resign.

In those days my PRIMARY blog was the (now quiesced) ‘Popes and Papacy‘.

Here are some germane and for I, nostalgic, posts from 4-years ago.

P.S., I might have got it WRONG that he was going to be a good pope. Sorry. I was just excited that I had got it RIGHT. So many DID NOT. So, I could retire with my credibility INTACT.

Click images BELOW to ENLARGE and ENJOY here.

Use ‘Popes and Papacy‘ link to access originals.

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by Anura Guruge

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