Lake Winnipesaukee, NH Ice-Out 2017 Could Be On Monday, April 17.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and study here. My spreadsheet takes into account LEAP YEARS and determines ice-out in terms of days into the year as of January 1 of that year.

So the informed consensus is that the 2017 Winnipesaukee ice-out will most likely happen on Monday, April 17th — the DAY AFTER Easter.

The AVERAGE ice-out is still between April 18 & April 19, so April 17 is v. close to average.

It has fallen on April 17 six times before — as of 1887.

You can see that above.

But, I factor in whether it was a LEAP-YEAR of not.

That makes a difference.

April 17 is 106 days into the year in non-Leap Years. 2017 is NOT a Leap-Year.

So if it happens April 17, 2017 it will be on Day 106 into 2017.

So the last time it happened as such was just 4 years ago, 2013.

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by Anura Guruge

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