Pope Francis’ June 28, 2017 Cardinal Creating Consistory: What Makes It Unusual.

by Anura Guruge

There are a number of things that make this consistory stand-out from the last 17 spanning 38 years.

So let’s look at what makes this consistory somewhat unusual, and as such, special.

  1. It is the SMALLEST consistory, in terms of cardinals being created, since Paul VI’s last one in 1977 when only four cardinals were created — but Paul VI, who instituted both the 120 elector limit and the 80-year ‘cut-off’, never exceeded the 120 limit or created any cardinals who were over 80. Benedict XVI, in his last cardinal creating consistory in November 2012, three-months ahead of his resignation, created 6 cardinals — that being the maximum he could create if he were not to exceed the 120-limit.
  2. The first consistory since March 2006 NOT to be held on a Saturday — the last 7 consistories, four of Benedict XVI’s and three of Francis’ all being Saturday consistories with the celebratory Mass being held on Sunday.
  3. The first consistory, since John Paul II’s 8th consistory on February 21, 2001 to be held on a Wednesday.
  4. The first consistory since 1991 to be held on June 28. There is a significance to June 28th. The ‘Feast of Saints Peter and Paul‘, Rome’s two founding Apostles, falls, each year, on June 29. So, by having the consistory on June 28, the Vatican can have the celebratory Mass on this special Feast day. This, as such, is thus a ‘Feast of Saints Peter and Paul‘ consistory. John Paul II was found of such consistories. His 1988 cardinal creating consistory, the one before the 1991 one, was also a June 28 affair. His first ever was on June 30, the day after the feast. Paul VI held two consistories very close to this feast.
  5. Will create the first ever cardinals from first cardinals from El SalvadorLaosMali, and Sweden — as well as the from all of Scandinavia! That is pretty impressive.
  6. Bishop José Gregorio Rosa Chávez, auxiliary bishop of San Salvador, El Salvador will become the FIRST AUXILIARY BISHOP to be created a cardinal!His superior the Titular Bishop of San Salvador, El Salvador is NOT a cardinal.
  7. First of Francis’ consistories not to create a curial cardinal. (This was also true of Benedict XVI’s last consistory).
  8. First of Francis’ consistories not to create an over-80, non-elector cardinal. (This was also true of Benedict XVI’s last consistory). This is incongruous. There are no limits as to the non-electors and he could have created as many as he wanted.
  9. Barring deaths, there will be 121 cardinal electors following this consistory — and that number will not drop to the CONCLAVE-VALID 120 till February 2018. This would indicate, unless the Pope is aware of a very ill under-80 cardinal, that the Pope does not foresee a conclave ahead of February 2018.After Francis’ 1st cardinal creating consistory there were 122 electors; 125 after the 2nd and 121 after the 3rd. So he has always gone over the 120 limit.….

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by Anura Guruge

5 thoughts on “Pope Francis’ June 28, 2017 Cardinal Creating Consistory: What Makes It Unusual.

  1. El Recinto de Pedro (@RecintodePedro)

    I think it will be the last session of Francisco. It is very similar to the last one of Benedict XVI, before the resignation. It seems that the Pope was in a hurry.

    Many times Pope Francis has said that his pontificate would be brief. Four or five years.

    When might the resignation be?

    1. June 29th, in front of the entire College of Cardinals.

    2. At the end of September, after the apostolic trip to Colombia (there are no other confirmed international trips, the trip to Sudan has been canceled, the trip to India and Bangladesh has not been confirmed).

    3. In December, when turning 81 (but the conclave would be Christmas, it is difficult).

    4. In February 2018, as Benedict XVI did.

    5. For March 13, the 5th anniversary of the election.

    Who could be the successor?

    1. Tagle, of the Philippines. Very young, but a candidate that would ensure much continuity.

    2. Parolin, of Francisco’s men, but of diplomacy … would be strange.

    3. Ouellet, 73, according to some newspapers, the rival of Bergoglio in 2013, who ceded his votes to him (as did Bergoglio with Ratzinger in 2005).

    1. Anura Guruge Post author

      As I have now said twice, unless an elector were to die before February 2018, it would CHAOS if there were to be conclave — UNLESS Francis says 121 is OK. That has to be the MAIN factor.

      So, next February now seems most logical — unless he changes the 120 rule.

      Tagle has as much chance of being pope as I do, and I think I have a better chance. So, that is that.

      After Francis, NO MORE EXOTICS.

      Not too many Sec. of State end up as Pope, but Parolin could be different.

      Ouellet was MY favorite in 2013, now he has three things against HIM! He, like Francis, is from the Americas, he belongs to an ORDER and he has a lot of S. American ties. I think Francis SCARED the College from electing any religious order cardinals for a LONG TIME. Plus, exotics. I will look for European cardinals, even Italian and/or curial, 76+.


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