Neha Parikh’s Sensational Indian Dancers At Concord (NH) ‘Multicultural Festival’, June 24, 2017 — Part I.

by Anura Guruge

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Anura Guruge Sony a7II Alton Concord New Hampshire Market Days Festival 2017 photos

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Neha Parikh at the ‘Laconia Multicultural Festival’ in September 2015. Given that I was yet again taking pictures we struck up a relationship and I send her all the pictures I took.

Click image to access the pictures from Laconia.

When I joined the organizing committee for the 2017 Concord ‘Multicultural Festival’ I put forward Neha’s name as a ‘must have’ — before I had checked with Neha whether she would be amenable. Luckily for I and for Concord, Neha, ever gracious and helpful, agreed to participate. The rest is history.

As I always knew Neha’s amazingly talented and dedicated dancers were a HUGE HIT. I heard people talking in AWE as I was taking these picture.

This was a HUGE coup for Indian culture and in particular these dancers. I was PROUD and so happy — particularly so for the parents. Bravo. Kudos. THANK YOU. Enjoy.

Click to access Neha’s Dance Academy Website.

All pictures taken with my Sony a6500. Also see these 30 pictures of the Multicultural Festival.

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by Anura Guruge

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