Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Fireworks — July 4, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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Anura Guruge Sony A7 II Wolfeboro fireworks New Hampshire

Wolfeboro’s 4th of July 2017 fireworks, which lasted about 40-minutes since they were individually hand fired, were ‘good’ — as one would expect from this affluent town, the ‘Oldest Summer Resort in America‘.

It was another perfect evening for fireworks, temps in the low 70s and no rain for miles. There was also a very bright ‘half’ moon — that you can see in some of the pictures, to the left.

We have been going to fireworks in Wolfeboro, either the 4th of July or ‘First Night‘ or both, for the last 10-years. They are invariably good, and typically better than those in our home town of Alton (which is not as ‘rich’ — Wolfeboro the home for such luminaries as Mitt).

We always watch these fireworks from a little hill, on the Brewster Campus, by the side of their main sports field. It is the perfect vantage point since the fireworks are set off directly in front, just a few hundred yards away.

It was fun, though getting out of Brewster proved to be a nightmare.

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by Anura Guruge

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